Fabricated and Moulded Signage

Rhosigns Neon offers hand-fabricated and press-moulded signage using a wide variety of mediums.

What is referred to as “moulded signage” can be split into two categories: hand-fabricated and press-moulded signage.

Press or vacuum-moulded signage uses sophisticated suction machinery, or male-and-female moulds, to form acrylic into a specific shape.

Rhosigns Neon’s hand-fabricated signage is physically built around a precast mould.

Various materials can be utilized depending the desired result: aluminium, stainless steel, acrylic, wood, copper, brass, Perspex, Anacoil etc. Often two or more materials are used for a more dramatic effect.

All moulded signs can be illuminated in some way, either using halo lighting (LED or Neon) in the case of solid materials, or from within in the case of opaque materials.

We also mould substrate shapes to carry signage.

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