LED Lighting For Signage

LED lighting in recent years has revolutionized the signage industry with thousands of versions and applications at your disposal. For any form of creative signage lighting, there’s an LED solution.

LED lighting comes in block format and strips carrying LED diodes, which illuminate when a 12-volt current is passed through them. LED lighting can be supplied in any colour imaginable and is well known for its brilliant, yet clear light that is easy to read both close up and from a distance.

Its applications include halo illumination and lighting from within the signage, as well as architectural and cove lighting. LED lighting can even mimic traditional neon glass tube signs with the new silicone LED Neon Flex product range.

At Rhosigns Neon we only use the highest quality, branded LED products with a 5 year rating. Ultimately, their simplicity and ruggedness make them a breeze to install and a headache free investment, all while saving you energy and maintenance.

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