Custom Designed Neon Signs

Making neon signs is a craft. They can be mimicked but nothing comes close to the real thing.

Neon signs are made from long luminous gas-discharge glass tubing, which is hand-blown into the shape specified – either individual letters, words or artistic designs. The glass shape is then filled with either rarefied neon gas or argon gas. The glass tubes are then sealed with a metal electrode at both ends and high-voltage power is run through it to ionize the gas in the tube and make it glow.

This is a century-old, highly sophisticated skill. Neon signs cannot be machine-manufactured; each one is individually hand-made by our specialist in-house glass-blowers. All of our raw materials are imported, right down to the wire that carries the charge.

The product options are vast. Neon signs are used for signage, architectural or aesthetic lighting and creative designs.

Depending on the result required, the glass tubing can form the visible sign itself, or it can provide illumination within a moulded shape.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence in demand for neon signs and a revival of appreciation from signage designers.

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