Billboards tend to be the largest form of signage but they can range from vast volumetric products to relatively smaller free-standing signs. Usually installed outdoors, billboards must be able to withstand all extremes of weather.

Designs can be printed directly onto PVC flexface material using a highly durable UV glaze protective coating, or alternatively onto a harder face medium such as Chromadek. Discuss your needs with us and we will advise you of the best solution based on the context, size and longevity required.

For more information on our specialised printing of billboards, please see our Large Format Printing page.

Rhosigns neon supply the outer frame as well as the printed design, and we have multiple teams of skilled top-rope personnel around the country to flight your billboard or install freestanding billboards on poles.

No project is too big – we have even wrapped entire buildings using PVC mesh.

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