Architectural Signage

These are custom signs that assist in identification and guidance within a specific facility. They contribute significantly to the identity of a space and, as such, quality, materials and design are of utmost importance.

At first glance, architectural signage appears simplified in comparison to other forms of signage. However, it has an immensely important role as the extension of a brand or an expression of the quality of the property it adorns, often a commercial space.

Examples of architectural signage include building names and foyer directories. They can be cut-out, engraved, etched or laser-cut, and maybe mounted flat against a substrate or pinned away from a wall.

Often installed outside or in high-traffic areas, these signs must be durable. Materials used often include glass paneling, MDF, brushed aluminium, polished stainless steel, engraved brass, copper and mild steel.

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