Spar – Outjo, Namibia

Jun 6, 2018

When it comes to working in Namibia we are always a little bit on the back foot as this is far from our home base and it is always very difficult to put people on the ground due to the excessive costs.  This site was no different, however here the bar was set very high when we were asked to produce a portal cladding detail for a 9m high structure and approximately 9m wide.

We were blown away by the client when he had suggested that he wanted cladding on both front and back of this beast of a portal.  By far the biggest portal we have every tackled for the SPAR group.  Here we were required to include a large 1500mm high illuminated and moulded SPAR sign.  As always we had a very limited time span to make this happen, however with some creative planning and sheer luck on securing our work permits in time we split the project over two trips as we had another large portal to complete for Langebaan SPAR.  On our second trip we finalised the project which included a very large TOPS.  Considering that Outjo is 400km outside of Windhoek the logistical nightmares were huge.

Working with Ryno Du Preez from Swakopmund SPAR who was the developer on this project as well as Timothy Cross from SPAR DC WESTERN CAPE.  It was a pleasure to finalise this project as they seemed to be well on top of their game and all problems and issues simply vanished and solutions were found to our challenges.  We are hoping that Outjo SPAR will win the coverted national SPAR of the year award for 2017.

Now that we have completed both Outjo and Langebaan we are beginning to wonder what our new limits will be as the sheer size of these structures that are used to create these entrance features has surprised many.  Here once again through the dedication and hard work by our rigging crews we can list these down on ongoing successes and land mark achievements for the SPAR group.

Our team leader Mr. Yunus Adams along with his assistance have set high standards for themselves and Rhosigns Neon and we look forward to continuing where we left off on these two massive projects.  We look forward to what the future holds and we are up to the challenge in 2018.

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